About the magazine

Geodetic and Cartographic Review (GaKO), the monthly released magazine is recognized in the Research Information Registry (RIV).

ISSN 1805-7446


GaKO at Present

 Monthly released periodical fulfils the specialized, scholarly, educational and social function in the community of experts in geodesy, cartography and cadastre of real estate working in the state administration, in research, in pedagogical and educational processes and in the commercial sphere.

GaKO represents the level of the discipline reached both in Czech and Slovak Republic as well as abroad and it is the only magazine with this content being published jointly by Czech and Slovak authorities.

GaKO in the Course of Time

On 1.3.1913 the first issue of the magazine Land surveying bulletin of the Association of the Czech surveyors appeared in Brno, founding the continuous activity of publication of the Czech and Slovak surveyors and cartographers. Throughout the history the magazine affirms that the foundations laid by its creators have remained unchanged and have been developed in a creative way in accordance with the development of science and technology.

Land surveying bulletin was being published by the Association of the Czechoslovak surveyors from 1922 and in 1940 its name was changed to Land surveying review. From 1946 the Land surveying review was being published by the Association of the engineers and architects in Prague.

 In 1951 the magazine was renamed for Land surveying and was being published by the Centre of research and technical development in Prague. Since 1955 the Central Administration of the Geodesy and Cartography has published the magazine under the present name Geodetic and Cartographic Review (GaKO).

In 1969 the Czech Geodetic and Cartographic Office and Slovak Administration of Geodesy and Cartography (since 1. 7. 1973 the Slovak Authority of Geodesy and Cartography) started to be the publishers of GaKO.

Since 1993 the magazine has been published by present publishers.