Code of ethics

The magazine Geodetic and cartographic review (GaKO) fulfils the professional, scientific, educational and social function for experts from the branch of geodesy, cartography, cadastre of real estate and information systems and technologies in research, state administration, pedagogical and educational processes and commercial sphere. It is monthly issued. GaKO publishes the texts in Czech and Slovak languages. Published contributions must be original not having been published anywhere else yet and not having been offered to other publishers. In case the theme has already been elaborated for other magazine or has been presented on any professional conference or scientific seminary, the author is obliged to mention this fact together with complete identification and references. In the introduction each contribution must include the abstract to the point in the range of no more than 8 lines both in Czech or Slovak and English together with the name of the contribution.
Approximately 5 keywords in English not being included in the name of the contribution have to be written below the English abstract. The subject of the article is in sole responsibility of the author. The contributions should be delivered preferably in electronic form; nevertheless the paper versions are acceptable as well. The contributions are reviewed and its result is in conformity with the meaning of the board of editors.
After successful review the author receives the contribution for proofreading, which has to be done immediately, and return the corrected text back to the editors. The board of editors reserves the right of formal editing in the frame of general publication rules and customs of GaKO magazine. Unrequested contributions are not sent back. Published contributions are not remunerated.

The magazine is part of the Czech cultural heritage and is archived within the project WebArchiv of the Czech national library and will be provided on-line for free at following address: